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Do you want to cross the finish line of your first race of the season feeling powerful and confident? Do you struggle to understand how much fuel you need when racing and training? Do you struggle with fueling your body on a daily basis?

Join other endurance athletes for answers to these questions and more in an online group program designed for endurance athletes.


During this eight-week program you will get:

  • Four online sessions held every other Wednesday beginning March 20th at noon MST (valued at $500)

  • One 30-minute private consultation with Kirsten (valued at $65)

  • One 14-day meal plan (valued at $200)

  • Additional discounts are included on individual sessions and metabolic testing

You get the benefit from all of Kirsten’s experience working with endurance athletes and helping them cross the finish line fitter and faster than ever! Check out our athlete testimonials… you could be the next successful finisher!

Meeting 1

  • Introduction to energy sources

  • Metabolic health and flexibility

  • Changes to the daily diet for better metabolic flexibility, improved energy and performance

  • 14-day meal plan

Meeting 2

  • Training nutrition guidance, including nutrient timing for workouts and daily energy

  • Recommended sports nutrition products and guidelines on use

  • How to better understand your hourly needs during training

Meeting 3

  • Health and recovery tips to stay strong and healthy throughout the training and racing season

  • Signs of overtraining and tips to avoid

  • Other bio-hacks for optimal health

Meeting 4

  • Race day nutrition guidance

  • A detailed race plan template addressing not just race day but the week leading up to the race so you hit the start line ready to achieve your performance goals

  • Specific fueling details during the race

  • Essential ways to make race day less stressful and more successful


This program is designed for you if…

  • You’ve ever dealt with GI distress during a race

  • You find yourself frustrated and confused by all the different sports nutrition advice

  • You struggle to recover and have energy for workouts

  • You feel stressed and underprepared for race day

  • You want to take your health and performance to the next level!

Cost: $588



Kirsten Miller is a Certified Master Nutrition Therapist and Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant. She has been competing in endurance sports for 20 years, with five Ironman and two Boston Marathon finishes. She regularly lands on the podium and has proven success with endurance nutrition. She is the owner and founder of Nourish2Flourish Inc., which specializes in helping people find optimal health by eating the right foods for physical, mental and emotional vitality. She created Fat Adapted Fueling, a specialized nutrition and fitness program to improve metabolic health and flexibility in athletes.