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Fully supported cleanse to help reset after the holidays and start off 2019 feeling better than you ever have!

Is this for you? Do you...

  • Feel a little bloated after too many holiday parties?

  • Always fight to lose those last few pounds?

  • Have fatigue or low energy?

  • Need a little reset with healthy eating habits?

  • Battle with brain fog?

  • Want your skin to glow?

  • Wake up feeling tired and wish for more restful sleep?

This is not your typical cleanse. We’ll focus on healthy changes to help you eliminate toxins and get rid of any unhealthy habits picked up over the holiday season The changes will be simple things you can use after the program to support health. You will prime your body to burn more fat with an added bonus – an introduction to my Fat Adapted Fueling program. You will eat real food that supports healthy toxin release.

Start the New Year by changing patterns, particularly if you fight to lose those last few pounds, have low energy, struggle with sugar cravings, battle with brain fog or want to rejuvenate your skin



Two online meetings, 10-day meal plan, supplements and group support.

Online Kick-off meeting will be at noon (MST) on Wednesday, January 9th. Cleanse begins on Monday, January 14th and ends on Wednesday, January 23rd. There will be second online meeting on Tuesday, January 22nd to discuss how to best transition off the cleanse and ways to carry positive habits forward. All meetings will be recorded for those that cannot attend or want to review later.


“Reasonable for very busy people, veggie heavy meals were fun to get creative with and so colorful! I needed to overcome my cravings and this made it so easy, I had plenty of energy and now feel better than I have in months. An honest reset, for real.”


"I begin savoring my next meal, glass of wine, and cup of coffee hours before the actual event, so committing to someone else’s menu and ingredient list isn’t something I take lightly. This cleanse was a breeze. I lost an unexpected 6 pounds during the cleanse plus an additional 2 pounds (8 total) the month after the cleanse ended, now that good fats are my new BFFs.  I still make the decadent smoothies daily and the cruciferous vegetable dinner entree at least weekly. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by committing to a cleanse.  Why wait?"  

Cost for 10 days is $185, which includes supplements to support your body’s detoxification pathways. Space is limited so book your spot today. Your body will thank you!

*Early bird discount – $20 off if you book by December 15th.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact me here.