Halloween Tricks and Tips

For many people Halloween kicks off the sugar season. This can bring a sense of fear that has nothing to do with ghosts and goblins. Here are some things you can do to make this a more enjoyable holiday and empower you to go into the sugar season with more control. 

If you feel as I do, that Halloween candy is filled with toxic chemicals such as artificial colors, unhealthy sugar levels and other harmful ingredients, hand out super balls, glow sticks, spider rings, stickers, etc. Most kids will be excited to get a small trinket since they already have a pumpkin full of candy. 

If you are handing out candy, check out my prior blog post, which suggests healthier candy choices.  This is one time I encourage you to procrastinate and wait to buy that candy as late as possible. This will reduce the time that you are tempted to eat the candy. Buy the smaller portions and don't buy more than you will need for hand outs. 

On Halloween night, eat a healthy meal with high levels of protein and fat. This will help to fill you up and balance an increase in blood sugar that may occur later if you do indulge in a few pieces from your child's loot. Make sure you feed your child a similar meal before heading out. This will reduce his or her need to endlessly snack on candy. If you are attending a party, bring a healthy dish, such as sliced vegetables with guacamole or a healthy stew or chili.

Choose smaller bags or bins for your kids to carry. Just like the serving plate illusion, kids will feel successful when the bag gets full, regardless of the size.

Encourage movement on Halloween and get the kids involved things that do not include candy, such as a jump rope contest, sidewalk decorations, scooter races, etc. Our neighborhood has a bouncy house and a live band with fun music to get us all moving and grooving. To make it even more fun, wear a pedometer to track your steps and set a goal for the evening. Athletes - get out the Garmin and start a competition to see who can walk the most miles!

Once you get home, get the candy out of the house. You don't need a bucket full of candy and neither do your kids. The "Candy Fairy" visits our house. Read more about that here

Most of all enjoy the holiday. Although I'm not a fan of dressing up in costumes or eating candy, this is one of my favorite holidays. It's about connection. We see so many friends in the neighborhood and I get to see my son light up when he puts on his costume and plays with his friends.